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Risen Savior Lutheran Church

Pastor Steven Blumer
1331 S. Alafaya Trail

Orlando, Florida  32828


First Time Visitor Welcome
Welcome to Risen Savior Lutheran Church

A:  Risen Savior is a Christ-centered congregation of the WELS.  We began in 1998 in a gym, and have had our own facility since 2003. Our congregation was started and is still served by Pastor Steven Blumer.  Risen Savior is a gathering of fellow Christians who welcome you to join them in worshiping their Savior Jesus Christ!

Q:  Why do I need a Savior?

A:  Do you have faults and make mistakes?  We all do, and the Bible calls that sin. There is nothing we can do ourselves to rid us of that spiritual problem, which separates us from God.  But God loved us and sent His son Jesus Christ to take away the sins of the entire world.  Through Christ, we are free from sin and have eternal life!  We can be sure of entering heaven someday, all because of Jesus!   Click here for more information about Jesus.
Q:  What is a Bible-believing church?

A:  Our church believes and teaches that the Bible is the inspired, inerrant Word of God. This means that we believe all the Bible, every word, has been given by God. He inspired human writers to write it without a single mistake. All of our teachings are drawn directly from the Holy Scriptures and that is our only source of doctrine. 

Q:  Why do I need a church?

A:  When you plant a garden, you need to water it and weed it, or the good plants get choked out and die.  We are here to water your good plant of faith in Jesus.  Our church is also a house of prayer.  It is a place of proclaiming the Word of God for all people.  Finally, a church is also a place of God's presence and blessing. 


Q:  What does Risen Savior offer me?

A:  Risen Savior offers everyone the opportunities for regular worship and Bible study   Risen Savior also has Sunday School available for those in grades preschool through eighth grade, Vacation Bible School offered once yearly, Confirmation class available for the youth and adults, an active youth group program.  In addition to all of these opportunities, Risen Savior is a family of Christian believers with endless fellowship, support, and encouragement opportunities.
Q:  What does it mean to be a Lutheran?

A:  There are three key statements that came out of the Lutheran Reformation to sum up the truths of Christianity.  We are saved: (1) By God's grace alone, (2) Through faith in Jesus alone, (3) Based on Scripture alone.  This is still a good summary of the teachings that make us Lutheran Christians.  It is the Word of God along with the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord's Supper, through which God works to begin or strengthen our faith in Jesus.
Q:  What is the WELS?

W = Wisconsin:  Our church body was formed in the state of Wisconsin in 1850.  Since then, the WELS has established churches in all 50 states and in 26 countries of the world. 

E = Evangelical:  The word means "Sharing the Gospel." The WELS is committed to sharing the Gospel of the Good News of Jesus with you

L = Lutheran:  The WELS is a Lutheran church body meaning we follow the key reforms Martin Luther brought to the church in his Reformation. 

S = Synod:  Finally, the WELS is a synod (pronounced: 'sin-ud').  This word literally means: "walking together."  It refers to the fact that all those who are members of our synod (the WELS) are on the same path to heaven with each other.  We are walking together on the same road and have the same teachings.  We share close fellowship as we walk together in our Christian life with Jesus and with each other.

We invite you to "walk together" with us!

Please contact the church for more information: 1331 S. Alafaya Trail, Orlando, Florida, 407-207-8500 or risensavior@bellsouth.net.

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