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Risen Savior Lutheran Church

Pastor Steven Blumer
1331 S. Alafaya Trail

Orlando, Florida  32828


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11/27/2019   For Thanksgiving: The Delusions of Those Richly Blessed Pastor Blumer Luke 12:13-21 Download
11/24/2019   Welcome Home 5: Where You'll Find the Kingdom of God Pastor Blumer 1 Corinthians 15:20-28 Download
11/17/2019   Welcome Home 4: Where You'll Find a Communion of Saints Pastor Blumer Hebrews 12:22-29 Download
11/10/2019   Welcome Home 3: Where The Light Is On Pastor Blumer 1 Thessalonians 5:1-9 Download
11/3/2019   Welcome Home! Reformation Sunday Pastor Blumer Galatians 5:1 Download
10/27/2019   Welcome Home! Pastor Blumer Hebrews 2:9-15 Download
10/20/2019   Glorify God With Your Life Pastor Blumer Hebrews 13:15-21 Download
10/6/2019   DOORS: 5. The Narrow Door Pastor Blumer Matthew 7:13,14 Download
9/29/2019   DOORS: 4. The Door of the Tomb Pastor Blumer Matthew 27:59 to 28:4 Download
9/22/2019   DOORS: 3. The Temple Doors Pastor Blumer 1 Kings 6:31-32 Download
9/15/2019   DOORS: 2. The Passover Door Pastor Blumer Exodus 12:21-23 Download
9/8/2019   DOORS: 1. The Ark Door Pastor Blumer Genesis 7:11-16 Download
9/1/2019   I AM the Light of the World Pastor Blumer John 9:1-7 Download
8/25/2019   I AM the Bread of Life Pastor Blumer John 6:48-58 Download
8/18/2019   I AM the Vine Pastor Blumer John 15:1-8 Download
8/11/2019   I AM the Good Shepherd Pastor Blumer John 10:11-18 Download
8/4/2019   I AM the Resurrection and the Life Pastor Blumer John 11:20-27 Download
7/7/2019   Extraordinary Faith: 2. Gentile Woman & Tests of Faith Pastor Blumer Matthew 15:21-28 Download
6/30/2019   Extraordinary Faith: 1. Centurion - Humble Trust Pastor Blumer Luke 7:1-10 Download
6/23/2019   We Have Come Into the Presence of Our Holy God Pastor Blumer Isaiah 6:1-8 Download
6/16/2019   "Go, My Children, With My Blessing" Pastor Blumer Numbers 6:22-27 Download
5/26/2019   Ride On, O Word of God! Pastor Blumer Revelation 19:11-16 Download
5/19/2019   Jesus Has Opened the Door of Life Pastor Blumer Revelation 3:7-13 Download
5/12/2019   Paul Remembers a Faithful Mom Pastor Blumer 2 Timothy 1:5 & 3:14-15 Download
5/5/2019   Songs In the Night Pastor Blumer Acts 16:25-34 Download
4/28/2019   No One Is Able to Stop Easter Pastor Blumer Acts 5:27-39 Download
4/21/2019   Remember Jesus Christ: He Is Risen! Pastor Blumer 2 Timothy 2:8-10 Download
4/19/2019   3 Words of Truth: Way of Sorrows (Simon Carries the Cross) Pastor Blumer Luke 23:26 Download
4/18/2019   3 Words of Truth: Cup of Blessing Pastor Blumer 1 Corinthians 10:16,17 Download
4/14/2019   Jesus Restores the Temple Pastor Blumer Matthew 21:12-17 Download
4/10/2019   3 Words of Truth: "Take Him Away!" Pastor Blumer John 19:14-18 Download
4/7/2019   WWJ Undo? Hypocrisy Pastor Blumer Matthew 21:18-22 Download
4/3/2019   3 Words of Truth: What Is Truth? Pastor Blumer John 18:33-38 Download
3/31/2019   WWJ Undo? Judgmentalism Pastor Blumer John 8:1-11 Download
3/24/2019   WWJ Undo? Indifference Pastor Dustin Blumer Revelation 3:14-21 Download
3/17/2019   WWJ Undo? Empty Worship Pastor Blumer Mark 7:1-13 Download
3/13/2019   3 Words of Truth: Love One Another Pastor Blumer John 13:33-35, 15:9-13 Download
3/10/2019   WWJ Undo? Spiritual Pride Pastor Blumer Luke 18:9-14 Download
3/6/2019   3 Words of Truth: Is It I? Pastor Blumer Matthew 26:20-25 Download
3/3/2019   The Story 25B: The Hidden Glory of Christ Pastor Blumer John 12:27-33 Download
2/24/2019   The Story 25A: We Are Building on the Rock Pastor Blumer Matthew 16:13-18 Download
2/17/2019   The Story 24: Feeding 5,000: A Lesson About Love Pastor Blumer Mark 6:32-44 Download
2/10/2019   The Story 23: God's Word Is the Lion-Tamer Pastor Blumer Luke 4:1-13 Download
2/3/2019   The Story 21: "God, You're Not Fair!" Pastor Blumer Malachi 3:13-18 Download
1/27/2019   The Story 20: Is it Coincidence or God's Providence? Pastor Blumer Esther 4:10-16 Download
1/20/2019   The Story 19: It's Time To Build God's House Pastor Blumer Haggai 2:3-9 Download
1/13/2019   The Story 18: Daniel vs. the Lions Pastor Blumer Daniel 6:6-22 Download
1/6/2019   What Are You Searching For? Pastor Blumer Matthew 2:1-12 Download
12/31/2018   Wring Out the Old, Ring In the New Pastor Blumer Psalm 51:1-12 Download
12/30/2018   My Post-Christmas Wish List Pastor Blumer Luke 2:36-40 Download
12/23/2018   Real Christmas Trees: A Chosen Evergreen Tree Pastor Blumer Ezekiel 17:22-24 Download
12/16/2018   Real Christmas Trees: All theTrees Sing for Joy Pastor Blumer Psalm 96:1-3,11-13 Download
12/9/2018   Real Christmas Trees: The Perfect Saving Tree Pastor Blumer Jeremiah 33:14-16 Download
12/2/2018   Real Christmas Trees: The Royal Family Tree Pastor Blumer Isaiah 11:1-5,10 Download
11/25/2018   The Story 15: Who Is the King of All? Pastor Blumer 1 Kings 18:20-39 Download
11/18/2018   The Story 14: God Will Make A Way Pastor Blumer 2 Chronicles 14-16 Download
11/11/2018   The Story 13: What Makes Life Worth Living? Pastor Blumer Eccelsiastes 5:10-20 Download
11/5/2018   The Story 12: David Glorifies God with Generosity Pastor Blumer 1 Chronicles 29:10-18 Download
10/28/2018   The Story 11: Facing The Giants Of Life Pastor Blumer 1 Samuel 17:45-50 Download
10/21/2018   The Story 10: When God Speaks, Are You Listening? Pastor Blumer 1 Samuel 3:1-10 Download
10/7/2018   The Story Ch. 8: Deborah Comes Up to the Plate Pastor Blumer Judges 4-5 Download
9/30/2018   The Story Ch. 7: The Battle Belongs To The LORD Pastor Blumer Joshua 5:13-6:5 Download
9/23/2018   The Story Ch. 6: Will It Be Faith or Fear? Pastor Blumer Numbers 14:1-10 Download
9/16/2018   The Story Ch. 5: Seeking God's Favor Pastor Blumer Exodus 32:7-14 Download
9/9/2018   The Story Ch. 4: We Are Standing On Holy Ground Pastor Blumer Exodus 3:1-7,10-14 Download
9/2/2018   The Story Ch. 3: God, It's Just Not Fair! Pastor Blumer Genesis 39:1-10 Download
8/26/2018   The Story Ch. 2: Is Anything Too Hard For the LORD? Pastor Blumer Genesis 18:1-14 Download
8/19/2018   The Story Ch. 1 - The Search for the Image of God Pastor Blumer Genesis 1:26-28 Download
8/12/2018   Where Do You Stand? Greatest or Least? Pastor Blumer Mark 9:30-41 Download
8/5/2018   Where Do You Stand? Believer or Doubter? Pastor Blumer Mark 9:14-27 Download
7/29/2018   Where Do You Stand? Confessor or Deceiver? Pastor Blumer Mark 8:27-33 Download
7/22/2018   Where Do You Stand? With A Clean or Dirty Heart? Pastor Blumer Mark 7:1-23 Download
7/1/2018   Spiritual Getaways: The Dead Sea Comes to Life! Pastor Blumer Ezekiel 47:1-12 Download
6/24/2018   Spiritual Getaways: On and Under the Mediterranean Pastor Blumer Jonah 1 & 2 Download
6/17/2018   Spiritual Getaways: Caesarea On the Mediterranean Pastor Blumer Acts 10 Download
6/10/2018   Spiritual Getaways On the Sea: Galilee Pastor Blumer John 21:1-14 Download
5/27/2018   Which Trinity Is Your Goal for Life? Pastor Blumer Jeremiah 9:23,24 Download
5/20/2018   Confirmation Gifts from the Holy Spirit Pastor Blumer John 14:15-17, 25-27 Download
5/13/2018   Portraits of the Ideal Mother Pastor Blumer Proverbs 31:10-31 Download
5/6/2018   Christ Arose! Witnesses Are Working While We Wait Pastor Blumer 2 Peter 3:11-18 Download
4/29/2018   Christ Arose! Witnesses Are Confident While We Wait Pastor Blumer 2 Peter 3:1-10 Download
4/22/2018   Christ Arose! We Are Witnesses Who Watch Out For Wolves Pastor Blumer 2 Peter 2:1-10 Download
4/15/2018   Christ Arose! Witnesses Put Their Faith into Practice Pastor Blumer 2 Peter 1:3-11 Download
4/8/2018   Christ Arose! We Are Witnesses to the Truth Pastor Blumer 2 Peter 1:12-21 Download
4/1/2018   Don't Be an April Fool Pastor Blumer 1 Corinthians 15:12-20 Download
3/25/2018   The Lord's Prayer: Deliver Us From Evil Pastor Blumer Matthew 6:13 Download
3/18/2018   The Lord's Prayer: Petitions 5 and 6 Pastor Blumer Matthew 6:12-14 Download
3/11/2018   The Lord's Prayer: Thy Will Be Done Pastor Blumer Matthew 6:10 Download
3/4/2018   The Lord's Prayer: Daily Bread Pastor Blumer Matthew 6:10 Download
2/25/2018   The Lord's Prayer: Thy Kingdom Come Pastor Blumer Matthew 6:9 Download
2/18/2018   The Lord's Prayer: Hallowed Be Thy Name Pastor Blumer Matthew 6:5-8 Download
2/11/2018   Adonai Shammah: The LORD Is There Pastor Blumer Ezekiel 48:35 Download
2/4/2018   Adonai Tzidqenu: The LORD Our Righteousness Pastor Blumer Jeremiah 23:5,6 Download
1/28/2018   Adonai Shalom: The LORD is Peace Pastor Blumer Judges 6:15-24 Download
1/21/2018   Adonai Nissi: The LORD is My Banner Pastor Blumer Exodus 17:8-16 Download
1/14/2018   Adonai - What's In God's Name? Pastor Blumer Exodus 34:5-7 Download
1/7/2018   For the New Year: Look to the Stars! (Epiphany) Pastor Blumer Isaiah 40:25-31 Download
12/31/2017   How Are You Planning the New Year? Pastor Blumer Luke 12:13-21 Download
12/24/2017   Listen To The Christmas Angels Pastor Blumer Luke 2:8-14 Download
12/16/2017   The Angel of the Lord Comes To Us! Pastor Blumer Hebrews 1:1-8 Download
12/10/2017   The Angel of the LORD Comes With Purpose Pastor Blumer Judges 13:1-22 Download
12/3/2017   The Angel of the LORD Comes With Protection Pastor Blumer Exodus 14:17-20 Download
11/26/2017   The Angel of the Lord Comes With Promise Pastor Blumer Genesis 22:1-18 Download
11/23/2017   Thankful or Forgetful? Pastor Blumer Deuteronomy 8:10-16 Download
11/19/2017   Bible Treasures, Reformation 8: You Are A Priest! Pastor Blumer Romans 12:2-8 Download
11/12/2017   Bible Treasures, Reformation #7: The Priesthood of All Believers Pastor Blumer Romans 12:1 Download
11/5/2017   Bible Treasures of the Reformation #6: The Bondage of the Will Pastor Blumer Romans 8:5-8 Download
10/29/2017   Bible Treasures, Reformation 5: The Key to the Rediscovered Truth Pastor Blumer Romans 1:16,17 Download
10/22/2017   Bible Treasures, Reformation: 4. The Theology of the Cross Pastor Blumer Matthew 16:24-27 Download
10/8/2017   Bible Treasures from the Reformation: 2. Saint/Sinner Pastor Blumer Romans 7:22-8:2 Download
10/1/2017   Bible Treasures from the Reformation: 1. Law/Gospel Pastor Blumer John 1:17 Download
9/17/2017   Watch Out For Stumbling Stones Pastor Blumer Matthew 18:1-9 Download
9/3/2017   How Big Is Your Faith? Pastor Blumer Matthew 17:17-20 Download
8/27/2017   What Miraculous Sign Are You Looking For? Pastor Blumer Matthew 16:1-4 Download
8/20/2017   What Makes You Tick? Pastor Blumer Matthew 15:1-20 Download
8/13/2017   What Will the Angels Find In Risen Savior's Net? Pastor Blumer Matthew 13:47-50 Download
8/6/2017   What Happened To God's Garden? Pastor Blumer Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43 Download
7/23/2017   The Search for Hidden Treasure Pastor Blumer Matthew 11:25-30 Download
7/16/2017   Jesus Turns Life Upside Down Pastor Blumer Matthew 10:34-42 Download
7/9/2017   What Are You Afraid Of? Pastor Blumer Matthew10:24-33 Download
7/2/2017   Jesus Has A Prayer Request...For Harvesters Pastor Blumer Matthew 9:35-10:1 Download
6/25/2017   You Need To See the Doctor Pastor Blumer Matthew 9:9-13 Download
6/18/2017   VBS Sunday: A Mighty Fortress Is Our God Pastor Blumer Psalm 46 Download
6/11/2017   Restoring the Joy 8: The Secret of Joyful Living Pastor Blumer Philippians 4:10-13 Download
6/4/2017   Restoring the Joy 7: Overcome the Joy Robbers Pastor Blumer Philippian 4:4-8 Download
5/28/2017   Restoring the Joy 6: Keep Your Head in the Clouds (Ascension) Pastor Blumer Philippians 3:17-21 Download
5/21/2017   Restoring the Joy 5: Your Challenge - Run Life's Race with Joy (Confirmation) Pastor Blumer Philippians 3:10-14 Download
5/14/2017   Restoring the Joy 4: We Shine Like the Stars (Mother's Day) Pastor Blumer Philippians 2:12-18 Download
5/7/2017   Restoring the Joy 3: Our Ode to Joy in Jesus Pastor Blumer Philippians 2:1-11 Download
4/30/2017   Restoring the Joy 2: In Life and In Death Pastor Blumer Philippians 1:18-26 Download
4/23/2017   Restoring the Joy 1: The Joy of Community Pastor Blumer Philippians 1:1-8 Download
4/16/2017   Where's Your Easter Joy? Pastor Blumer Matthew 28:8 Download
4/13/2017   Zechariah #7: Zechariah Sees "the New Covenant in My Blood" Pastor Blumer Zechariah 9:11 Download
4/9/2017   Zechariah #6: Jesus Rode the Donkey Pastor Blumer Zechariah 9:9-10 Download
4/2/2017   Zechariah #5: The Fountain Is Open Pastor Blumer Zechariah 13:1 Download
3/26/2017   Zechariah #4: The good Shepherd Is Rejected Pastor Blumer Zechariah 11:4-14 Download
3/19/2017   Zechariah #3 - GIve Me Oil In My Lamp, Keep Me Burning Pastor Blumer Zechariah 4:1-10 Download
3/12/2017   Zechariah 2: Jesus Dresses Us Up Pastor Blumer Zechariah 3:1-9 Download
3/5/2017   Zechariah 1: The LORD of Angel Armies Pastor Blumer Zechariah 1:8-17 Download
3/1/2017   Ash Wednesday: Turn To Jesus and Not To Yourself Pastor Blumer Luke 18:9-14 Download
2/26/2017   Miracles 8: Jesus Shows His Glory Pastor Blumer Matthew 17:1-9 Download
2/19/2017   Miracles 7: Jesus' Power Over Death Pastor Blumer Mark 5:21-24, 35-43 Download
2/12/2017   Miracles 6: Jesus' Power Over the Devils Pastor Blumer Luke 8:26-39 Download
2/5/2017   Miracles 5: Jesus' Power Over Nature Pastor Blumer Matthew 14:22-33 Download
1/29/2017   Miracles 4: Jesus' Power Over Sin Pastor Blumer Mark 2:1-12 Download
1/22/2017   Miracles 3: Changing Water Into Wine Pastor Blumer John 2:1-11 Download
1/15/2017   Miracles 2: Jesus' Baptism & Yours Pastor Blumer Galatians 3:26-29 Download
1/8/2017   Miracles 1: The Miracle of Prophecy Pastor Blumer Isaiah 49:5-7 Download
1/1/2017   On the 8th Day of Christmas, The Lord God Gave to Me... Pastor Blumer Luke 2:21 Download
12/31/2016   Jesus Christ, the Same Yesterday Today & Forever Pastor Blumer Hebrews 13:8 Download
12/25/2016   God's Christmas Love is For All the World Pastor Blumer John 3:16 Download
12/24/2016   Do You Have the REAL Spirit of Christmas? Pastor Blumer Titus 3:4-7 Download
12/18/2016   Prepare for Christ's Advent With Cousin John: What's Your Focus? Pastor Blumer John 1:19-29 Download
12/11/2016   Prepare For Christ's Advent With Cousin John: Be A Christmas Star Pastor Blumer John 1:4-9 Download
12/4/2016   Prepare For Christ's Advent with Cousin John: What's In Your Christmas Basket? Pastor Blumer Matthew 3:7-12 Download
11/27/2016   Prepare For Christ's Advent With Cousin John: Repent Pastor Blumer Matthew 3:1-6 Download
11/20/2016   How Big Is Your Jesus? Pastor Blumer Colossians 1:15-20 Download
11/13/2016   Relief Is On The Way Pastor Blumer 2 Thessalonians 1:3-10 Download
11/6/2016   FOLLOW #4: In Freedom Pastor Blumer John 8:31-36 Download
10/30/2016   FOLLOW #3: With Purpose Pastor Blumer Luke 14:15-24 Download
10/23/2016   FOLLOW #2: Price Tag Pastor Blumer Luke 14:25-33 Download
10/16/2016   FOLLOW 1: Invitation Pastor Blumer Matthew 9:9-13 Download
10/9/2016   It's All About Grace: 7. The Grace of God's Armor Pastor Blumer Ephesians 6:10-18 Download
10/2/2016   It's All About Grace: 6. It Takes Grace for a Godly Marriage Pastor Blumer Ephesians 5:21-33 Download
9/25/2016   It's All About Grace: 5. The Grace of Extreme Makeovers Pastor Blumer Ephesians 4:22-32 Download
9/18/2016   It's All About Grace: 4. Grace From Heaven to Earth Pastor Blumer Ephesians 4:7-12 Download
9/11/2016   It's All About Grace: 3. Grace to Serve Pastor Blumer Ephesians 3:7-13 Download
9/4/2016   It's All About Grace: 2. From Death to Life Pastor Blumer Ephesians 2:1-10 Download
8/28/2016   It's All About Grace: 1. Your Election Pastor Blumer Ephesians 1:3-12 Download
8/21/2016   SHINE Part 5: Circuit Breaker Pastor Blumer Acts 12 Download
8/14/2016   SHINE Part 4: Extension Cord Pastor Blumer Acts 8:26-35 Download
8/7/2016   SHINE Part 3: String of Lights Pastor Blumer John 1:35-42 Download
7/31/2016   SHINE Part 2: Light Bulb Pastor Blumer Matthew 5:14-16 Download
7/24/2016   SHINE Part 1: The Power Source Pastor Blumer 2 Corinthians 4:4-9 Download
7/3/2016   Wish You Were Here: 6. The Benefits of Being Here Pastor Blumer 1 John 5:3-5. 11-15 Download
6/26/2016   Wish You Were Here: 5. Do You Love To Be Here? VBS Sunday Pastor Blumer 1 John 4:16-21 Download
6/19/2016   Wish You Were Here: 4. If You're Here, Why Go Back There? Pastor Blumer 1 John 4:1-6 Download
6/12/2016   Wish You Were Here: 3. Do You Have the Right Heart To Be Here? Pastor Blumer 1 John 3:19-24 Download
6/5/2016   Wish You Were Here: 2. Do You Belong Here? Pastor Blumer 1 John 2:1-11 Download
5/29/2016   Wish You Were Here: 1. From There to Here Pastor Blumer 1 John 1:1-10 Download
5/22/2016   Laodicea: The Church That Made Jesus Sick Pastor Blumer Revelation 3:14-22 Download
5/8/2016   Philadelphia: The Church With An Open Door Pastor Blumer Revelation 3:7-13 Download
5/1/2016   Sardis: The Church That Was Dead & Didn't Know It Pastor Blumer Revelation 3:1-6 Download
4/24/2016   Thyatira: the Church That Forgot Jesus' Power Pastor Blumer Revelation 2:18-29 Download
4/17/2016   Pergamum: The Church With A Split Personality Pastor Blumer Revelation 2:12-17 Download
4/10/2016   Smyrna: The Poor Church That Was Rich Pastor Blumer Revelation 2:8-11 Download
4/3/2016   Ephesus: The Church That Lost Its First Love Pastor Blumer Revelation 2:1-7 Download
3/27/2016   A Risen Savior Changes Everything! Pastor Blumer 1 Corinthians 15:17-26 Download

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